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Trip Planning Services

Vacation Packages

This service is perfect for those who want to take the hassle out of planning. Let Dreams2Reality build the perfect vacation including but not limited to round trip flights, hotel/ resort stay, transfers, and activities. 

Research Fee $25 



Found a flight? Or just need a quick getaway? This service is perfect for you. We can find the right hotel, resort, cabin, or vacation rental at the right price. 

Research Fee $15



For those needing a flight, car rental, bus rentals, or train ticket, this service is perfect for you. Whether you’re having car troubles, taking a family vacation, or needing to travel across states, this service secures your way there. 

Research Fee $15


Other Services 

We are proud to offer services for special occasions, such as destination weddings, honeymoons, birthdays, and anniversaries. We also specialize in group trips, cruises, international tours, and more.

Research Fee as low as $25



Book Your Own Vacation

Some people may not want to use a Travel Agent but want access to great deals. Use this option to book your own travel and enjoy the same perks as if you used an agent. 

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